Here Are 5 Do It Yourself Vehicle Maintenance Things You Should Know

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Nov 20, 2019
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1. DON’T KEEP DRIVING ON RESERVE FUEL - Don’t keep driving your car on reserve mode. As soon as the needle goes on red you need to quit the Reserve mode. If you drive on reserve mode excessively it might create pressure on the fuel and filters and affect the overall performance of your car.

2. CHANGE YOUR OIL REGULARLY- Changing oil regularly is one of the main things you can accomplish for your engine maintenance. The oil keeps essential motor parts all around greased up with the goal that they will not overheat. Your engine can’t work without it if you don’t replace your vehicle’s oil for a long period then it can cause long lasting harm to your car.

3. LOOK FOR LEAKS- If you witness a leakage from your car you need to immediately get it checked. You need to make sure that the leakage is not water because sometimes condensation of the AC also takes place.

4. CHECK YOUR BELTS- check on your belts inside the bonnet at regular intervals and in case you witnessed some cracks under your belt immediately get it changed otherwise it might also affect the performance of the engine.

5. DON’T OVERWORK YOUR CAR- When you are trapped in mud don’t panic. This may harm the costly part of the car. Delicately shaking for trying to free the vehicle is fine. Yet, if it looks like you’re truly stuck, don’t keep at it. Tossing your vehicle from forward to invert over and again, just as turning tires at high paces, can make the engine hot and causes damage to the Engine.