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It is not new that many cars or vehicles are available for sale in Nigeria, and potential customers are looking or searching for them. Many of them also contact us at Autos and Cartalk stating the one(s) they want to buy. They range from brand new to foreign used to Nigerian used, while the Foreign or Nigerian used could be the clean title(accident-free) or salvage(accidented). Our forum is well ranked by search engines, especially Google, such that anything posted on it gets easily featured on top pages of the search engines.

For example, if you type "car forums in Nigeria" into, our forum will show on the number spot of the result. If you also type "car forums" into, our forum will show on the number one or two spot. See the image below to confirm our claim if you don't have time to confirm it on google.

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To get started posting ten(10) cars/vehicles for N3,000,
first of all, visit the "Introduce yourself" section of this forum.
Then, create a thread to let people know more about you and what you are into.


1. Only post cars/vehicles you know are genuinely available for sale with one account. You won't be paid if you detect that any car/vehicle you upload is not available for sale or sold long ago or three days ago. Note that we don't accept multiple accounts by an individual for posting or uploading cars/vehicles. Once we detect using the tools available, we will ban such individuals, and they will not be paid.

For now, an individual is only entitled to list or upload ten(10) cars/vehicles weekly. That is, we can only pay an individual for ten(10) cars/vehicles in a week while we work on increasing it as time goes on; please bear with us. We will officially select at least ten(10) individuals for PAID listing or uploading cars/vehicles deals in a matter of time. So therefore, be diligent, honest and professional when listing or uploading cars/vehicles available for sale on this forum.

2. Upload at least ten(10) pictures of each car/vehicle showing its engine bay, dashboard, front seats, back seats, front view, back view, right side view, left side view, picture of the boot, picture of the instrument cluster(the area that shows fuel level, speedometer, odometer, etc.) probably when its engine is running, picture of its VIN which is usually at the driver side door post or windscreen or you the VIN in your advert details, etc. NOTE THAT INCLUDING VIN IS OPTIONAL, BUT IT WILL GIVE YOUR ADVERT MORE CREDIBILITY, LESS STRESS OF ENGAGEMENT AND LOTS MORE.

In addition, please list or upload your cars/vehicles to the right section of Autos part of this forum which has for Brand New, Foreign Used(Salvage and Accidented), Foreign used (Clean Title), and Nigerian Used as it can be seen in the image attached. Also, note that each section has a different brand of cars/vehicles; do endeavour to select the right one. For example, select Toyota if your car/vehicle is Toyota. If you are not sure of the right section to list or upload your car/vehicle, please list or upload to any of them, and one of the moderators will move it to the appropriate section.

Screenshot_20220112-122513_Samsung Internet.jpg

3. Don't post images of cars/vehicles having watermarks like those taken from Jiji. If you are posting foreign used ones for owners, dealers or importers, always post pictures of the ones not having their names or contacts; it is for your good so that interested buyers will not boycott you. If it is Nigerian used, you can remove or cover the plate number if you like.

4. Always add your number(s) to the advert, and if the car/vehicle is not yours, you could also add the number(s) of owner, importer or dealer to it if you want. In addition, you could add your names or alias that the interested buyer should quote to the owner, importer, or dealer if they can't reach you but can reach them. Finally, don't forget to add the location, i.e. town or city of the car/vehicle, to your advert. For example, if it is in Palmgrove, Lagos, you can just put Lagos only or include the specific address where the car/vehicle is.

5. When listing or uploading your cars/vehicles, please always add at least five(5) TAGS before submitting because you won't be able to add them again after you submit. Also, adding tags will quickly make your upload or listing appear on search engines, which is good business for you. The image below shows where to type the tags separated by a comma. Examples of tags are used cars, tokunbo cars, Toyota, etc. You can see more of the tags you can use at the top of this image immediately after the subject.

Screenshot_20220112-122405_Samsung Internet.jpg

Interested buyers will contact you as you list and upload cars/vehicles available for sale. If you are the dealer, importer or owner of the car/vehicle, you make a profit from selling it aside from payment we will or have issued to you for bringing your cars/vehicles here. If you are a marketer or middleman of the cars/vehicles and any interested buyer contacts you, you will connect or take the buyer to the dealer, importer or dealer and get your commission.

You could just as well add a certain amount to the last price that the dealer, importer or dealer gave you for the car/vehicle. For example, dealer, importer or dealer tells you that the last price of a car or vehicle is N3,000,000, you could tell the buyer that it is N3,100,000. You then inform the dealer, importer or dealer that the last price you told the buyer is N3,100,000, which implies that your money on the sale is N3,100,000. The reason is that some dealers, importers or dealers find it very hard to give you money after you help them sell a car/vehicle and if they must do, they could give peanut that won't like, not to talk of matching up what it costs you to help sell the car/vehicle.

Depending on how you want your payment, it could be after uploading ten(10) cars/vehicles at the end of the week or month. Whichever you choose, you will need to Whatsapp us on our official line 08050844033, and you will be paid within 24 to 72 hours business days after we verify and certify your listing or upload.
Note that we won't issue payment into OPAY and KUDA bank accounts; please present any accounts for crediting.

Note that there could be changes to the rules, guides and tips shared on this page WITHOUT prior notice. So therefore, always check this page from time to time to be aware of any changes.


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